MarsRhino INFINITE GT Ergonomic Chair (Made in Taiwan, 5-year warranty, lifetime service) (Direct delivery from agent)

Sale price$3,850.00


Recommended body shape

Height: 165 - 200cm


Unlimited GT

Surface material

Headrest/chair back/seat (original breathable pressure relief technology)
Surface layer: Water-repellent elastic fabric Inner layer: High-density foam Bottom layer: Breathable mesh

chair legs

Aluminum alloy painted chair legs


7.5cm large size PU silent pulley

Air pressure wand

Class-4 (German TÜV certification)

Tilt angle

90°-140° (4-stage angle lock)


2D adjustable

waist support

3D adjustable


4D adjustable


Adjustable front and rear (5-position position lock)

weight capacity



Made in Taiwan, 5-year warranty

net weight


gross weight


Package Size

77 x 32.5 x 65.5cm

* Free delivery service is provided. Remote areas such as Ma Wan, Tung Chung and Discovery Bay will be charged HK$350 for shipping.
* There is an additional $350 for the installation fee. A dedicated person will call to reserve a delivery time before delivery.
* If you have confirmed the delivery arrangement by phone, but cannot receive the goods when they arrive at your door, and you need to arrange delivery again, additional charges will apply.
* In the event of severe weather conditions, such as thunderstorms, Typhoon No. 8 hoisting or black rainstorm warning in effect, or severe flooding or road obstruction or closure, delivery service will be suspended. Delivery time will be arranged at no additional charge.
* If the truck cannot reach the building door directly and needs to transport goods, or the building does not have a lift or the purchased goods cannot or cannot be accessed by the lift and need to be carried upstairs by stairs, customers will need to pay additional fees.
* Stair fee: There is no charge for a total of 4 levels or below. An additional HK$50 will be charged for each floor. Walking steps of 7 or above and 12 or below will be counted as one floor.

*The following policy applies to products sold and shipped by MARSRHINO and does not include other brand products sold and shipped by suppliers other than MARSRHINO.
WARRANTY POLICY (Limited Warranty)
Applies to the following models:
● 5 years old headrest, backrest, lumbar support, seat and legs. .
● 1-year chassis, armrests, air bars and chair wheels are available for the following models:
● 1 year all parts for chairs and sofas
MARSRHINO will cover the warranty period of the above products, covering the following aspects:
● Lack of materials in the product at the time of delivery ● Loss of functionality of the product due to material manufacturing defects at the time of delivery.
● Products are not as described in the applicable sales contract when delivered.
● Functional defects of pneumatic devices, handrails and wheels.
**For each product purchased, the warranty period begins on the date of delivery (subject to valid tracking details).

**During the applicable warranty period, MARSRHINO will repair, replace or refund any product, part or component covered by this warranty.
**If this product is no longer produced or unavailable, it may be substituted with a product with similar features or specifications.
**The warranty period for replacement new products/parts will be the same as the original product warranty, or 90 days, whichever is longer. **For each product purchased, the warranty period begins on the date of delivery (subject to valid tracking details).
MARSRHINO will not cover the warranty period of the above products regarding ● Natural and unavoidable damage due to normal wear and tear.
● Cloth, mesh, foam and other covering materials are torn due to improper use.
● Damage to the product or other property or persons caused by accident, abuse, improper use, water damage, water damage, fire or other natural or external causes (including but not limited to use in an inappropriate environment) due to failure to comply with MARSRHINO’s release instructions and guidelines. or conditions under which the product is used).
● The product has been modified or altered, including the substitution of unauthorized parts for the original parts in the product.
● Product defects caused by failure to use, apply, install, reconfigure or maintain the product or parts in accordance with MARSRHINO's published instructions.
● When the product serial number is reused, modified, damaged, or cannot be identified, etc.
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