The following terms and conditions are drawn up according to the common practice of the industry. If there is any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

1. Acknowledgment and acceptance of the terms of use

1.1 The legal document you are reading is an agreement between the company and you (referred to as "you", "guest", "customer" or "user" in this article). The company, JUMBO COMPUTER SUPPLIES, is the owner of this website (referred to in this article as "JUMBO COMPUTER", "the company" or "we").

Please read this Agreement carefully.

1.2 Browsing, accessing or using this website, using any facility or enjoying any service through this website, and conducting transactions through this website are deemed to be your agreement to all the following terms and conditions (herein referred to as "agreement"). This Agreement is between you and the Company.

1.3 The company reserves the right to change the following terms and conditions at any time without notice. In case of any dispute, the Company's decision will be final and conclusive. It is your obligation to read these terms and conditions each time you purchase an item. Changes to these terms and conditions will be posted online. If you do not wish to be bound by the new terms and conditions, you may terminate this Agreement by notifying the Company in writing (either via email or by sending a letter to the Company), but continue to enjoy the Services or use the Site or Coupons will be deemed to continue to accept the new terms and conditions.

2. User account and password

2.1 Reasons for registration: You usually do not need to register to use some functions of the website or enjoy most of the services. However, to purchase from this site you must first register. The reason is so that the company can quickly print your order, view your purchase history and modify your preferences. We reserve the right to refuse registration or cancel existing registrations at any time.

2.2 How to register: In order to register, you will need to provide the Company with your name, email address, payment details, and possibly some other personal information. For details, please refer to the Company's Privacy Policy.

2.3 Password: You must keep your account password safe. If any authorized third party knows your password, uses your e-mail without authorization or violates relevant security regulations, please notify the company immediately if you know it. You agree to disclose your username or password to any person authorized to act as your agent for the Services, use of the Site, and/or transactions through the Service and the Site. Please note that you will be fully responsible for all actions caused by improper safekeeping of your password.

3. User privacy

3.1 Jumbo Computer is committed to protecting your personal privacy, and the company will only use the collected information for legal purposes. The company's privacy policy covers the use of any information provided by the customer. Using the company's services means that the customer agrees to the company's collection, storage and use of relevant customer information in accordance with the privacy policy, and is bound by the terms of the privacy policy. Details Please refer to our Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into this Agreement and is deemed to be an integral part of this Agreement.

3.2 The Company does not guarantee (and disclaims responsibility for) the confidentiality of any personal or other information or data transmitted through Jumbo Computer. It is the Company's current practice to take reasonable steps to maintain confidentiality.

4. User Management

Users agree that all activities on this site shall abide by Hong Kong laws, rules and regulations, and strictly abide by the following terms:

4.1 Do not use this site to engage in illegal activities;

4.2 Do not interfere with network services and abide by relevant practices of network services;

4.3 Do not send or receive any threatening or seriously offensive content with harmful, obscene or threatening symbols, send or receive content that is profane or defamatory to any individual, send or receive content that is contempt of court or violates confidentiality rights, copyrights, and personality rights , publication or privacy rights or any other third party rights;

4.4 Do not publish comments, advertisements and meaningless texts involving malicious competition. If the user has the above-mentioned behavior, this site has the right to independently judge and make a decision to suspend the user account and cover up inappropriate remarks. If a user publishes a speech that violates the law on this site, the system records of this site can be used as evidence of the user's violation of the law;

4.5 Send or receive any content that causes technical harm (including computer viruses, logic bombs, Trojan horse programs, worms, harmful components, corrupted data or other malicious software or harmful material).

5. Commodities

5.1 In addition to the price marked on the product page of this site, there may be discounts according to promotional activities and membership levels. The price of the product purchased by the user is subject to the final price of the payment interface. The user promises to pay for the product before payment. Prices are fully understood and approved. If the product ordered by the user is out of stock, the user has the right to cancel the order, and the site can also cancel the order in whole or in part and return the prepaid payment (without interest and administrative fees). Legal obligations and responsibilities arising from the transaction. In addition, the products marked [Only for use outside Hong Kong] may not be directly applicable to the Hong Kong region due to voltage and electric plugs. Such products are only for purchase by customers outside Hong Kong. If the customer uses it in a region that cannot be directly applied, the responsibility shall be borne by himself. .

6. Limitation of Liability

6.1 If due to accidents, third party reasons or reasons beyond the reasonable control of this site, the system of this site crashes or cannot be used normally, resulting in the inability to complete online transactions or loss of relevant information and records, etc., this site will not be responsible.

6.2 All risks related to the goods are the responsibility of the customer, the factory or the manufacturer. As a retailer, the company will not bear (including but not limited to) accidental casualties and losses caused by improper use of goods, damage to goods, damage, etc. responsibility.

6.3 We will make every effort to ensure that the prices, information and sizes of the products listed on the online store are correct. Once errors or omissions occur, the company will take reasonable measures to correct them as soon as possible. We reserve the right to change the prices of items without prior notice. Acceptance of all orders is at our sole discretion, subject to stock availability. If due to any unforeseen reasons, including computer system virus infection, defects, tampering, unauthorized interference, fraud, technical failure, human negligence or any other reasons beyond the control of Jumbo Computer, Jumbo Computer will reserve the absolute right Take any action available including canceling the event or order. However, the company does not promise that the service or the website will be free of defects (free of any errors). If you find any errors or omissions, please email or online customer service to let us know.

6.4 The company does not promise that your enjoyment of the service or use of the website will be uninterrupted in any way, nor does it promise that any information (or message) transmitted through the service or website will be transmitted accurately, reliably and in a timely manner.

6.5 The company does not promise that the service or the website will not contain viruses or other content that may adversely affect any technology.

6.6 The Company reserves the right to change, amend, replace, suspend or delete information or offers on the Site or as part of the Services from time to time without prior notice. From time to time, your use of the Site and/or the Services may be restricted for the purpose of repairs, maintenance or the introduction of new facilities or services. The company will resume the above use as soon as possible. The Company is not responsible for functionality that relies on browsers or other third-party software (including, but not limited to, RSS interfaces). For the avoidance of doubt, the Company may withdraw any information or offers from the Site or Services at any time.

6.7 The Company may host service providers operated by third-party traders on the Company Website. If you intend to use, order or receive any of its services and/or products, please note that once any identifiable personally identifiable information you provide is transmitted to the relevant trader, the relevant information will not be included within the scope of protection of the company.

6.8 The Company may contain information provided by third parties or links to other websites. The Company is not responsible for the operation or content of any third party materials or other websites not under its direct control. If other websites install our links without the company's prior consent, the company reserves the right to request that the links be removed.

6.9 The company is not responsible for any import restrictions on non-local orders. Issues such as import restrictions for non-local orders will be borne by the customer. In case of any loss, the company reserves the right to recover.

7. Intellectual property rights

7.1 The user acknowledges that the intellectual property rights of all software and technologies used in the service are reserved by Jumbo Computer or its legal owner, and the user shall not do or allow any direct or indirect actions to damage the rights and interests of the legal owner. Users are not allowed to use or reproduce any trademark related to the service in any way (without the prior written consent of Jumbo Computer).

7.2 The user hereby undertakes and agrees that:

(a) Jumbo Computer is the legal owner of the trademark and all its derivatives;

(b) will not use the trademark and any derivative thereof or its similar name or trademark;

(c) all rights, interests and goodwill in the trademarks, or any derivatives thereof, shall be exclusively owned by Jumbo Computer; and

(d) will not register a domain name similar to the Trademark and any derivative thereof, or use any similar designation including any visual or homonym or other derivative designation.

7.3 Jumbo Computer does not represent or guarantee that the use of its services by users will not constitute any infringement or abuse under intellectual property laws.

7.4 The user agrees to bear all risks arising from the use of the service. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Jumbo Computer does not warrant that the service, software or any information on the Internet is free of any computer viruses, and Jumbo Computer shall not assume any responsibility or legal liability in connection with the above.

7.5 The user agrees to be bound by the licensing agreement regarding computer software or technology. Jumbo Computer may require the user to agree and execute the service from time to time, otherwise Jumbo Computer has the right to stop or suspend the service on its own.

7.6 The user hereby grants to Jumbo Computer, its related companies and agents and subcontractors of Jumbo Computer, a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, fee-free, royalty-free, sublicensable and transferable license to use, process, display, reproduce, store, publish, broadcast, communicate, adapt, translate, modify, manage and/or in any other way exploit any part of the User Content for any purpose.

8. Governance and application of law

8.1 These Terms of Use and any dispute or matter arising out of or incidental to the use of its services and or this website shall be governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, unless otherwise stated.

8.2 Force majeure: For the liability caused by the violation of the obligations stipulated in this agreement, if the company is unable or unable to perform the relevant obligations due to matters beyond the scope of the company, including fire, rainstorm, flood, casualties, accidents, natural disasters, natural disasters, etc. Disasters, laws, orders, declarations, regulations, demands or requirements of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or any of its agencies, strikes, labor disputes, shortages of labor or skilled workers, shortages or lack of supply of goods or raw materials, delays in transportation or any other The company will not be liable for reasons beyond its reasonable control (whether or not similar to the aforementioned reasons).

8.3 Severability: If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, such provision will be deemed severable, but the remaining provisions shall Possess potency and function.

9. Replacement Guarantee

9.1 In general, we do not accept product returns or order cancellations.

9.2 If some products are found to have factory defects after testing, customers can replace them with products of the same model within seven days (except for some designated brands and accessories). Guests must bring the goods to the store to arrange inspection and replacement. The company is a retailer, and the protection content and process depend on the brand owner or agent.

9.3 Each purchase can only be returned once.

9.4 If the product to be replaced is not in stock, the customer can replace it with another product of the same value.

9.5 When replacing the product, the customer must present a valid invoice, receipt, and unfilled warranty letter. The replaced or refunded products may be tested by the agent to confirm that the product quality does not meet the production standards. The company has the right to ask the customer to go to the repair center of the designated agent to test the product. The product must be fully packaged without any damage or scratches; and the serial number (if any) of the product must match the information on the invoice. For mobile phones and tablet PCs, an inspection paper stamped by the official maintenance department is required to prove that there is no artificial damage.

9.6 If the product is subject to price fluctuations in the market, time-limited discount price changes, or/and software problems, the return guarantee does not apply.

9.7 Customers must return the gifts attached to the purchase, otherwise we will need to deduct the value of the gifts.

9.8 This Replacement Guarantee does not apply to:

(a) Goods damaged by accident or negligence, or by improper use;

(b) Dust on the screen, bright/light/dead spots or uneven backlight of the electronic ink screen;

(c) random accessories;

(d) Commodities without relevant invoices or/and receipts or/and without filling in the warranty form;

(e) registered software products;

(f) Products that are damaged and/or scratched;

(g) Products that have been registered for maintenance;

(h) rooted mobile phones or electronic devices;

(i) For certain types of products such as Apple, Nintendo and Sony PlayStation, only official maintenance and repairs are provided and no retailers are required to replace new products;

(j) Certain consumable products such as protective stickers, toners, thermal grease, and products with maintenance stickers that cannot be opened, etc.;

(k) In case of problems with wireless connection or APP operation, guests must directly contact the brand owner or agent for follow-up. Due to the large number of products, complex connection methods and device combinations, the frontline staff of the company cannot test whether the quality of the products meets the production standards. Common situations such as the signal of the router is not strong enough, the Bluetooth headset cannot be paired, the APP cannot control the product, etc.;

(l) Large home appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., some of which even involve installation, brand owners or agents have designated inspection and follow-up procedures;

(m) For all mobile phone products after sale, if someone is damaged or/and cannot be used or/and the display screen fails to display the IMEI/Serial No. that matches the relevant invoice or/and receipt information, it must be handed over to the brand owner or Agent inspection and repair.

9.9 If the customer finds that the size of the specified white goods is not desirable or suitable for installation:

(a) Before shipment, we may replace the product model or brand of goods for customers at our discretion;

(b) After delivery and the product package has not been opened, we can replace the product model or brand of goods for the customer at our discretion, but the customer needs to pay the price difference, freight and 30% of the price of the product as an administrative fee and handling fee;

(c) The return guarantee does not apply if the product packaging has been opened after delivery.

10. Terms and Conditions for Promotional Codes, Promo Codes and Coupons

10.1 The promotional codes, discount codes and coupons provided by the company are only applicable to one-time purchases through the Jumbo website and are subject to terms and conditions.

10.2 Promotional codes, discount codes and coupons are neither refundable nor redeemable for cash, and any unused amount will be forfeited.

10.3 If a customer's order is canceled or is eligible for a refund for any reason, the promotional code, coupon code or coupon used in the order will be void, and the company will not be required to refund or make any compensation.

11. Payment

11.1 Under normal circumstances, customers need to complete the payment within 10 days after placing an order. However, for flash sales or limited-time special offers, there is another specified payment time. Overdue orders will be cancelled.

11.2 Customers may be required to pay a deposit if necessary. The deposit cannot be transferred to purchase other products or models except for the designated purchase products. If the deposit is used to reserve goods, and the customer fails to complete the purchase transaction within 30 days from the date of deposit payment for any reason, the deposit paid will be confiscated to compensate the loss of the company. If the specified purchased product is out of stock for more than 30 days, the company will refund the deposit paid to the customer without interest. Otherwise, the deposit paid will not be refunded.

11.3 The customer must pay the full payment for the purchase and delivery of the goods before the company delivers the goods, otherwise, the company has the right to cancel the delivery.

11.4 If the non-factory delivery is delayed, the order cannot be canceled once the payment is confirmed. If the company fails to deliver the goods due to the delay of the factory's delivery date, the customer can apply for a full refund, and generally the refund will be made according to the payment method (it will take a little longer during peak seasons and large-scale promotions).

11.5 If you are connected to any third-party payment platform, any damage or loss incurred or incurred by the customer or third party due to the use of such payment platform shall be borne by the customer or the third party. We are not responsible for the content or services provided by the platform. Before confirming the order, please carefully read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of these third-party payment platforms. If the customer clicks to submit an order or pay, it is deemed to agree to abide by the aforementioned terms and conditions and privacy policy.

12. Delivery

12.1 Jumbo Computer is not responsible for any loss or damage (including but not limited to loss of profit, income, interest and future business) of the goods delivered, no matter whether these losses and damages are special or indirect, no matter whether Jumbo Computer is accepting the goods or not Knowing of such risk of loss or damage before or after shipment. All estimated delivery dates and times are only our company's estimates. The company will strive to deliver as soon as possible, but will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by delay or non-delivery. If the customer believes that the provisions of these terms and conditions on compensation will not be sufficient to compensate for his losses, he should take out his own insurance.

12.2 Customers who choose store pick-up must pick up the goods within 10 days after receiving the notification. Due to the limited storage space in our store, if the goods have not been picked up more than 10 days after the notification, the company has the right to charge the customer additional administrative fees and storage fees. If the goods are not picked up within 30 days after the notification, the company will transfer the overdue order goods back to the warehouse. When the customer picks up the goods, the company will charge an additional 15% of the order amount as the cost of transferring the goods. Depending on product availability and shipping time, customer receipt may also be delayed. The clerk has the opportunity to ask the customer to provide further information to verify the identity, such as the customer's full name or the credit card that the customer placed the order. If it cannot be verified, the clerk has the right to refuse to deliver the goods to protect the interests of customers.

12.3 In the case of sufficient product inventory, all orders (including large home appliances) must be delivered within 60 days after the customer places the order; if the inventory is insufficient and the order is required, the order will be counted 60 days after the product arrives at the warehouse Guests must arrange delivery during the deadline. If the customer fails to arrange to pick up the goods within the specified time limit, the company will have the right to charge the customer 15% of the order amount as a storage fee (and related insurance fees), and there will be no transfer or refund for related orders. If you have special needs, such as delayed delivery due to decoration, please contact our customer service department in advance, and our company will handle it according to the circumstances of each case.

12.4 The delivery service of large home appliances is subject to shipping charges (subject to the shipping charges displayed on the product page), additional surcharges are required for outlying islands and remote areas, and additional charges are required for stair fees, road pushing fees, installation fees, and old machine recycling fees. Depends on product size and brand. Please check with the online customer service officer for details of delivery charges before purchasing.

12.5 The company will deliver the goods ordered by the customer to the delivery address provided by you through the company's staff or a third-party courier company. When the product is delivered to the delivery address provided by the customer, the customer must receive the product in person (except that the customer has given special instructions to leave the product outside the door or at the lobby management office, but the customer must be responsible for such delivery. bear the risk of loss of the delivered goods under any circumstances). If the customer fails to receive the product for any reason, the customer agrees and accepts that the company has the right to charge the customer additional fees or cancel the customer's order.

13. Limitation of Liability for Installation Services

13.1 Some large-scale products such as computer cabinets, large-scale servers, and 1U rack-mounted or larger NAS may require third-party service providers to assist customers in installation. Installation services are provided by third-party service providers. The company can only try its best to maintain the correctness and validity of the service information of the third-party service provider, but the company is not responsible for the services provided by the third-party service provider. All risks related to product installation services are the responsibility of the customer or the third-party service provider. As a retailer, the company will not be responsible for (including but not limited to) accidents caused by installation failures, improper installation or use, and casualties caused by accidents and liability for losses, etc.

14. After-sale maintenance

14.1 The maintenance terms displayed on the company's website or invoices are only for customers' quick reference, and the maintenance details of licensed products are subject to the information published by the manufacturer. The company will strive to ensure that the maintenance information is accurate, but it will not be responsible for any losses caused by errors in the information.

14.2 The company provides door-to-door after-sales service only twice a year, if it exceeds this number, it must be dealt with by the company as appropriate.

14.3 After-sales value-added services do not include all goods maintenance that agents define as man-made damage.

14.4 After-sales value-added services do not include remote areas: (will be updated from time to time):
Kowloon: Stonecutters Island, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Hong Kong: The Peak, Mount Davis, Deep Water Bay, Repulse Bay, Shek O, Chung Hom Kok, Stanley, Tai Tam, Jardine's Lookout, Sunny Hills, Nam Long Shan New Territories: San Mun Tsai, Kau To Shan, Kwu Tung, Ping Che. Tai Tong, Tai Lam, Siu Lam, Lau Fau Shan, Sham Tseng, University of Science and Technology, Gloria Villa, Lam Tei, Army Land, Silverstrand Bay, Ma Yau Tong Splendid Garden, Tai Po Highway (Tai Po Kau Section), Tai Po Lam Tsuen, Pat Heung, Lao Wai, Feng Yuen Road, Science Park, Outlying Islands (Cheung Chau, Lamma Island, Peng Chau), Lantau Island (Discovery Bay, Inspiration Lake, Ma bay, airport logistics area)

15. Compensation

15.1 Any claims, actions or demands arising from the use or alleged use of this website or the content of this website by the client, or your violation of this agreement, including but not limited to reasonable legal and accounting fees, shall be borne by the client, and the client agrees to defend on behalf of the company , indemnify the company and hold the company harmless as a whole.

16. General matters

16.1 The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse access to the Company's website, or any part thereof, without notice, and to refuse to provide the Company's services to any user who violates these terms and conditions.

16.2 The Guest may not assign or otherwise deal with all or part of the Guest's rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions without our written consent.

16.3 Browsing and/or using this website is governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; and regarding any disputes arising from your browsing and/or use of this website, you agree to be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

17. Terms and Conditions of Jumbo Computer Points

17.1 Customers may be eligible for Jumbo Points (net payment per order) for purchases made through the Jumbo Computer Site. Net payment is the amount after any benefits or discounts have been deducted.

17.2 Jumbo Points are applicable to any merchandise ordered through the Jumbo website.

17.3 Jumbo computer points are valid for one year and counted from the date of the member's last purchase.

17.4 Jumbo Points are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

17.5 Jumbo Points are not applicable to payment of delivery charges, cross-border e-commerce taxes and surcharges.

17.6 When the guest's user account is deleted, the accumulated JUMBO Points will be cancelled.

18. Refund

18.1 Except in the case of the replacement guarantee described above, all sold goods are non-refundable.

18.2 Except for special circumstances, the refund will be refunded in the form of points, and the refund of points will be based on the actual amount paid by the customer when placing the order.

18.3 Commodities are subject to price fluctuations, and the selling price is subject to the moment the order is placed. If there is any subsequent price adjustment or promotion, the price difference will not be refunded.

18.4 If the customer transfers money by mistake, the excess amount can only be converted into points for the next shopping. If the customer insists on a refund, due to administrative costs, an administrative fee of $50 will be charged each time. Customers are advised to check the amount to be transferred before using the transfer.

19. Cross-border delivery service

When you use Jumbo Computer's cross-border delivery service, as a customer, you agree that the following terms and conditions are applicable.

19.1 Right of inspection

Any government agency reserves the right to open the shipment for inspection without prior notice. Jumbo Computer will not be responsible for any loss caused by any delay caused by the above inspection.

19.2 Transport and routing

The customer confirms and agrees to all routes and diversions, including the possibility of shipments passing through intermediate stations.

19.3 Customs Clearance

The client entrusts Jumbo Computer as the only agent for customs clearance and delivery of goods through customs. Jumbo Computer can complete or entrust a third party to complete or entrust a third party or forward the shipment to the recipient's customs broker or other address in accordance with the requirements of the authorized person reasonably considered by Jumbo Computer.

Jumbo Computer will assist the customer with customs clearance and other formalities, such assistance will be at the customer's own risk and expense.

If the customs authorities require additional information or documents for the purpose of confirming export/import declarations, including but not limited to: identity documents, addresses, etc., it is the customer's responsibility to provide them in a timely manner and at their own expense. If the customs clearance information provided by the customer is not timely or complete, resulting in the failure of the customs clearance of the goods, the relevant responsibilities shall be borne by the customer.

19.4 Shipping, Customs and Other Charges

The freight of Jumbo Computer will be calculated according to the higher of the actual weight or volume weight of the goods, and Jumbo Computer can re-weigh and measure any shipment to confirm its calculation result.

The customer remains primarily responsible for all charges, and in the event of payment by the recipient or a third party, the guest shall pay to Jumbo all shipping, duties and other charges due but not paid by the recipient or third party.

19.5 Cross-border return policy

All sold items are non-refundable.

Except for special circumstances, the refund will be returned in the form of points (excluding any customs clearance or necessary administrative fees), and the refund of points will be based on the actual amount paid by the customer when placing the order.

Commodities are subject to price fluctuations, and the selling price is subject to the moment the order is placed. If there is a price adjustment or promotion later, the price difference will not be refunded.

19.6 Limitation of liability for cross-border delivery services

All product-related risks are the responsibility of the customer, the factory or the manufacturer. As a retailer, the company will not be liable (including but not limited to) for accidental casualties and losses caused by improper use of products, product damage, damage, etc. .

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