Maono Maonocaster Pro AU-AM100 Production Studio Professional Mixing Workbench

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Creator, look over here! Whether you are an experienced user or a newbie, you have a better choice for podcast & live recording.

MaonoCaster mixing workbench is a set of portable recording equipment specially designed for content creators. Whether it is podcast recording, YouTube/Facebook live broadcast, Twitch live broadcast, etc., MaonoCaster can successfully solve your troubles! Its operation interface is very intuitive and easy to use. It only takes a few minutes to set up and you can start immediately, allowing you to focus on creating content and interacting with the audience, and no longer have to be distracted by tedious equipment operations.

You can talk about your workplace philosophy on the show, you can plug in a guitar and play and sing by yourself, you can interview guests over the phone, you can become a DJ and lead the audience to immerse themselves in music - you can be any creator you want to be.

From equipment setup to mixing output, everything can be operated in the most intuitive and simple way through MaonoCaster. We surveyed the needs of countless creators and selected the popular functions of a variety of recording equipment and integrated them into our mixing workbench, allowing you to complete all operations with one machine, greatly simplifying the recording and live broadcast production process. Whether you are a novice or an experienced creator, you can use the MaonoCaster mixing workbench to create higher-quality programs.

MaonoCaster provides four independent inputs, which can connect 2 sets of XLR microphones and 2 sets of 3.5mm audio source equipment . Through various knobs, you can adjust the volume of each track and add various sound effects in real time, so you no longer have to rush when creating.
  • You can connect two phones via the TRS input, conduct interviews over the phone and play music from the other phone while recording a podcast.
  • You can input microphone signals into one channel and guitar signals into another channel, and then output them to your mobile phone for recording, leaving a beautiful record for every creation you create.
  • You can store the music or sound effects used in the program in the sound effect pad, and play it with one click during the live broadcast. When the mood strikes, you can also switch the echo to KTV mode and sing as much as you want.
These are just some simple examples, more creative possibilities with MaonoCaster are waiting for you to explore!

MaonoCaster is equipped with a two-track studio-grade microphone preamp (Preamp) and 48V phantom power, making your voice warmer and clearer through a high-quality XLR microphone. Everyone's voice and voice are different. MaonoCaster's two-track recording has adjustable gain (Gain). You can freely adjust the most suitable parameters according to the microphone selection or voice, so that the quality of your podcast recording can be upgraded.

MaonoCaster is equipped with two sets of headphone monitoring outputs and one set of audio monitoring outputs, allowing the host and guests to listen to the real-time mix with zero delay, and the gain and volume of different tracks can be easily adjusted through various knobs, mute keys and faders. .

In order to solve the problem of no sound-absorbing cotton in ordinary homes, we also installed a switch with a noise reduction algorithm to help reduce background noise. So even if you're recording in a noisier environment, MaonoCaster still delivers clean, distortion-free audio just like a professional recording studio, with minimal annoying airborne noise.

We know that the diversity of creation should not be limited by equipment! MaonoCaster is compatible with all your favorite creative software and platforms. Whether it’s interviews, singing or game live broadcasts, you can unleash all your creativity.

MaonoCaster is equipped with two output interfaces: USB Type-C and 3.5mm AUX.
When using USB Type-C, it can support both Windows and MacOS systems. When using 3.5mm AUX, it can be connected to smartphones and tablet devices, allowing you to create freely anytime, anywhere.

MaonoCaster has a variety of built-in sound effects FX. Pitch, timbre, echo, etc. can be switched instantly during the recording process, making your program more rich and interesting.

In addition, MaonoCaster comes with 4 built-in sound effect pads (drums, cheers, applause, suspense), 3 customizable sound effect pads and 1 silencer sound effect pad. You can save your own music and sound effects through our software, and use it freely when recording podcasts, and easily hold the whole scene.

Use the thoughtful Music Only button to automatically remove music vocals (Vocal Removing) for you, allowing you to sing as much as you want in the show

Activate the exclusive Side Chain button, which will automatically lower the background volume (Ducking) when you speak, making your recording process easier and more enjoyable.

The upper right corner of the MaonoCaster mixer is equipped with a touch panel for controlling echo and pitch. It has 6 different built-in echo modes and 12-range electronic pitch adjustment, allowing you to adjust the parameters that best suit the moment when creating different content. Whether it is Studio mode for interviews, KTV mode for karaoke, or pitch AutoTune for being a hip-hop singer, we will help you try out various possibilities.

In order to make the lives of creators more convenient, we have equipped MaonoCaster with a built-in battery of 5,000 mah. The overall weight of less than 800 grams is as much as a hand cup, and with the powerful power of 8 hours of battery life, you can easily take MaonoCaster with you on every trip.

The structure of MaonoCaster is sturdy and durable. The special aluminum alloy shell not only looks elegant, but also has radio frequency blocking properties, allowing podcast recording to be far away from annoying radiation signal interference.

In addition to mixing consoles, we also provide value-for-money combo packages for entry-level podcast creators, helping you save time and effort in selecting equipment. The set includes a high-quality XLR microphone (with anti-shock mount) and compatible 3.5mm & 6.3mm monitoring headphones.

The AU-PM320 microphone has a high-resolution response range of 20Hz to 20KHz, high sensitivity and cardioid noise immunity. It can clearly capture the sound in front and reduce noise from other directions, providing a warm sound for your podcast.

The AU-MH601 headphones feature 50mm high-quality drivers that retain pure, undistorted sound quality. The enlarged soft protein leather earmuffs on both ears and the lightweight design of the earphones ensure long-term wearing comfort without compromising on comfort. The headphone body is equipped with two TSR interfaces, 3.5mm and 6.3mm, which are easy to use.

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