Maono Maonocaster Lite AU-AM200 Sound Console Mixer entry-level multi-functional portable broadcast mixer

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Maono AU-AM200 multifunctional portable broadcast mixer

  • Lightweight and portable, fully functionally integrated
  • Built-in battery can be used for 8+ hours after charging
  • Multi-channel mix streaming
  • High quality front amplifier
  • Unlimited sound effects FX, four customizable FX buttons
  • Sound noise reduction
  • High manufacturing quality
  • Connect using 3.5mm Jack/USB-C/Bluetooth
  • You can add special effects to the recording and then output the music and music to a computer/smartphone, etc. for recording or live broadcasting
  • One-click function to remove background music and vocals. If you like to sing karaoke at home or make an online DJ

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Maono AU-AM200 is easy to use for live streaming

When you want to Live Stream or Twitch with ease but aren't sure what equipment to buy, the Maono AU-AM200 multifunctional portable mixer is just what you need.

It's so easy to use and control that you can quickly go live in minutes, allowing you to deliver valuable content and engage with your audience without being distracted by tedious operations.

It offers four audio mixing channels and easily connects to microphones, smartphones, and more. Leveraging advanced engineering techniques, users can control the sound and add live vocals and sound effects with a comprehensive set of tools, eliminating laborious post-production and editing.

Dual microphone input allows two people to live broadcast at the same time

Independent buttons to control microphone and accompaniment volume

Has buttons to adjust low, mid and treble

Microphone tone can be adjusted for deep bass, smooth mids and clear highs

Reverb effect and monitor volume control

Reverb Effect Control: Slide the control fader up/down to increase/decrease the reverb effect

Monitor volume control: Push the control fader up to increase monitor volume

Four interesting voice changers

Pink : Robot
Blue : Female voice changes to male voice
Red : Male voice changes to female voice
Green : becomes a girl’s voice

MUSIC ONLY mode : Can eliminate the vocals in the background music and retain the accompaniment

OTG MUSIC mode : When playing the accompaniment from the computer, the user can control whether to add background music to the live broadcast

Advanced noise reduction algorithms reduce ambient noise


In " SIDE CHAIN " mode, when this mode is turned on during live broadcast, the sound effect card will automatically reduce the volume of the background music and highlight the person's voice, suitable for real-time chat scenarios.

12 electronic scale controls make vocals more accurate

8 default sound effect buttons

This area is preset with 8 default sound effect buttons, including: opening, applause, gunshots, laughter, boos, embarrassment, cheers, and applause

Custom sound effects

Record audio clips and then import them to a sound card via a microphone or external sound source to use these sound effects in your live broadcast

Output to three devices simultaneously

Compatible with Windows, macOS and major live broadcast platform APPs

Built-in battery, can be used offline for up to 8 hours

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