Maono Maonocaster AU-AME2 Sound Console Mixer Advanced version multi-functional portable broadcast mixer

Sale price$899.00


Maono AU AME2 standard recording interface/mixing all-in-one console

■ Twelve-level automatic tone control for more accurate vocal control ■ Compatible with phantom power 48V condenser microphone ■ Applicable to 6.35mm instrument audio interface ■ 6 common sound effects + ultra-long sound effect storage function ■ Two-person live broadcast + two-person real-time monitoring ■ Independent control of reverb, Time, more precise control ■ Compatible with 99% of live broadcast and singing APP platforms on the market ■ Anchor live broadcast / karaoke / game / recording / dubbing

2023 updated version

There is not much difference between the old and new versions. The only difference is that the key functions are changed. The original functions are all the same, but the operation is more convenient.

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