ASUSTOR Nimbustor 2 AS5202T 2-Bay NAS - Intel Celeron J4025 2.9GHz (Dual-Core), 2GB DDR4

Sale price$2,299.00


Intel Celeron J4005/J4025
DDR4-2400 2GB expandable to 8GB
YouTube & Twitch Game Video Backup
10-bit 4K hardware decoding
HEVC/VP9 10bit Profile2
More considerate 3-year warranty

“The Best NAS (Network Attached Storage) Devices of 2019 and 2020”
Editor's Choice
“Best Tech Products of 2019“

ASUSTOR and Adobe cloud storage applications

ASUSTOR and Adobe cloud storage applications

Dual core 2.0GHz, overclocked up to 2.7GHz

AS5202T adopts Intel's new generation Celeron J4005 (Gemini Lake) dual-core CPU. The cache memory is doubled from 2MB to 4MB. The performance is significantly improved by 30% compared with the previous generation Apollo Lake CPU. When performing a large number of CPU operations, the frequency can be automatically increased to 2.7 GHz handles intensive multitasking with ease.

Built-in DDR4-2400 2GB

AS5202T has dual-channel memory slots that can flexibly expand the mixed memory capacity to 8GB. Compared with the previous generation DDR3, DDR4 provides faster transmission bandwidth, improves performance by 30%, and saves about 40% of power than DDR3.

New dual 2.5GbE specifications

AS5202T introduces the e-sports trend standard 2.5GbE network port, providing a maximum network speed of 2.5Gbps. Using the included Cat 5e network cable, paired with a 2.5GbE network card and router or switch, you can simultaneously upgrade to enjoy high-speed and affordable 2.5G areas. Internet environment. At the same time, with ASUSTOR network aggregation settings, two sets of 2.5GbE bandwidth can be combined to enjoy the fast network speed experience brought by 5Gb/s.

Network aggregation (RAID 1)

Windows sequential reading and writing





* This performance test data is tested by ASUSTOR laboratories using more advanced computer equipment and network settings, and may vary under different environments.

Brand new e-sports style ADM interface
The collective cohesion of players’ power - the soul of e-sports

The industry leader has launched a brand-new e-sports style ADM interface, with a variety of desktops for you to choose from, showing a new look that is different from the past, allowing players to highlight their personal characteristics.


A personal live broadcast distribution center, like the large-scale distribution service, can stream live broadcasts from mobile phones or computers to multiple live broadcast platforms for simultaneous playback (including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms that support the RTMP protocol) without paying. ), allowing you to save money and reduce the consumption of live broadcast resources. Live videos can also be instantly stored on a secure NAS private cloud for future use.


eSports application
Live game play will not be missed to create strong storage backing for players

The large capacity of the AS5202T can flexibly increase the storage space on your PC. By mounting it through iSCSI LUN, you can obtain additional storage space for your PC, install a large number of games*, or quickly restore game data when changing PC equipment.

If you are a game live host, through iSCSI LUN mounting, you can also instantly save 4K HDR live to the NAS during the game without affecting the gaming experience.

*In order to achieve a good gaming experience, it is recommended to install less performance-intensive games to the NAS

If you are worried about your live videos disappearing from the Twitch/YouTube platform, Takeasy allows you to directly download and manage videos, and even automatically download subscribed videos to the NAS.

storage capacity
Create more than 36 TB of storage space

Compatible with the largest hard drive capacity on the market, players can store live broadcast videos and in-game highlights, or back up a large number of computer games without any worries.
After flexibly connecting three ASUSTOR storage expansion units AS6004U, you can create a total of 252 TB of large storage space for storing live videos.

*The maximum net total storage capacity is the sum of the internal capacity of the NAS and the capacity of the expansion device. The capacity of the expansion device is the independent capacity in addition to the local capacity of the NAS.

Hardware decoding 4K image output
Enjoy stunning 4K HDR new horizons

The AS5202T's hardware decoding capability can significantly reduce CPU usage, allowing game videos in VP9 10bit Profile2 / HEVC and other formats to be streamed smoothly; through the HDMI 2.0a port, paired with a third-party playback program, 4K HDR videos can be streamed Play to the big screen.

Crystal diamond beauty gaming red

The crystal-diamond appearance combines with the new elements of gaming red, making AS5202T eye-catching.

  • Magnetic panel: dust-proof, can prevent the hard disk from being hit directly
  • Supports hot-swappable hard drives. The latch design secures the hard drive, making it easy to remove and install the hard drive or replace the hard drive to upgrade capacity without the need for tools.

Quiet operation and low noise

The AS52 series has only 19 decibels in standby mode, which is like a subtle sound when a needle drops; even when the system is running, it only has 32 decibels, which is equivalent to the volume of a library, and can meet the requirements of a high-quality living environment.

19 decibels
32 decibels
32 decibels

Quiet operation and low noise

24x7 reliable and durable

Suitable for all-weather operation, ASUSTOR NAS has undergone rigorous drop and burn-in tests. Both the motherboard and network chip have heat sinks to ensure that the body can operate for a long time without overheating. The hardware repair rate is only 0.6%, and the quality is stable and guaranteed.

24x7 reliable and durable

Saving electricity means saving money

ASUSTOR NAS is designed and developed with energy conservation in mind. Not only does it consume far less power than ordinary computers and servers, but its advanced power control functions also allow you to manage NAS and hard drives more efficiently, saving you considerable amounts of money. In addition to reducing the electricity bill, it can also extend the service life of the hard drive. The AS5202T hard drive consumes only 10.5 watts of power in sleep mode and only 17 watts for data processing.

Saving electricity means saving money

360° backup solution

ASUSTOR NAS provides a full range of backup options and can be connected to public clouds, such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Ralus, WonderBox, CrashPlan, Backblaze B2, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, and Alibaba Cloud. You can also use FTP explorer, USB external hard drive box, flash drive backup, local immediate/scheduled backup, etc. to ensure file management is not loose. Whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux, ASUSTOR provides corresponding software and protocols to help you back up your data. In addition, ASUSTOR EZ Sync synchronization backup software and snapshot center including Btrfs and iSCSI LUN can quickly back up and restore data. It is a powerful tool you need to prevent accidents such as malicious kidnapping or data corruption and loss.

Btrfs applicable models: AS31, 32, 40, 50, 51, 52, 53, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 70, 71

Flexible MyArchive cold backup technology

ASUSTOR MyArchive cold backup technology turns the NAS hard drive into a removable collection hard drive. You can directly insert it into the MyArchive hard drive to access the content, making it easy to back up and share terabytes of data.

Flexible MyArchive cold backup technology

Snapshot Center Snapshot Center

ASUSTOR Snapshot Center can set a schedule or manually create instant snapshots, which can help users quickly restore important files when data is damaged or encounters unexpected situations such as ransomware. At the same time, the two functions of Btrfs snapshot and iSCSI LUN snapshot are integrated, making it more convenient to centrally manage and restore all snapshot files.
MyArchive now also supports Btrfs format and Snapshots! Help you perform version control on MyArchive hard drive backup, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting files or overwriting files. Regardless of whether your NAS system is an EXT4 or Btrfs file system, as long as it is a MyArchive hard drive formatted with the Btrfs file system, you can take a Snapshot of it.

Virtualize Docker applications-Portainer

Supports thousands of image files from talented developers in Docker Hub, which can be easily deployed through Portainer. Portainer has a user-friendly interface. No instructions are required. Just download the image file and you can immediately add it to complete the deployment and create ADM. More possibilities.

Collaborative storage for multiple people and multiple access

ASUSTOR NAS has stable performance and supports cross-platform file sharing such as Windows, Mac, and Unix-like. Whether using a desktop computer, a laptop, or an iOS or Android tablet, it can be easily accessed by multiple users at the same time.


account number




Shared folder


simultaneous connection

Easily connect internal and external supernatural powers

Supports Internet penetration function to solve annoying network router settings for users! Even if it is located on a community network or in an environment with multiple network routers, all the connection problems can be solved with the exclusive ASUSTOR EZ Connect (AEC). You can smoothly connect to the NAS inside and outside the network, and even mount it. NAS drive to your computer. Users who use the mobile device application have it even easier. They only need to connect to the NAS with the Cloud ID, and all the stored data, videos and photos will be on the go!

Easily connect internal and external magical powers

Multi-level protection from the inside out

ASUSTOR NAS ensures data security and tailors an in-depth data protection plan for you from the inside out. It uses multi-level security configurations to achieve proactive network, system and data defense, and you are no longer afraid of ransomware.

Cyber ​​attack protection
  • firewall
  • ADM Defender
  • Cloud Backup Center remote backup
Secure data transfer
  • VPN connection
  • SSL certificate connection
  • Automatically log out
Internal data protection
  • MyArchive offline off-site backup
  • AES-256 folder encryption
  • Antivirus software
access control
  • File/folder/software individual control
  • 2-step verification
  • Wake on WAN remote wake up
  • Wake on LAN remote wake up
*Does not support MyArchive offline remote backup: AS10, AS11 (Drivestor)

Multi-level protection from the inside out

Tailored for digital families

ASUSTOR NAS allows you to enjoy exciting digital entertainment needs at any time. Through the built-in HDMI port and multimedia apps, you can directly connect the NAS to a high-definition TV or player to share audio and video multimedia with family and friends, or use the UPnP media server to stream multimedia content to compatible computers and mobile devices. Add points to your digital life.

SoundsGood + Hi-Res Player
Photo Gallery 3

Game Live Streaming StreamsGood

Installing the StreamsGood package allows you to watch game live broadcasts on the ASUSTOR Portal, have fun with the live streamers, and interact without time lag!
Five major game live streaming platforms are available with one click - Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, Douyu, King Kong

Game Live Streaming StreamsGood

Completely unleash the infinite potential of NAS
App Central

The preloaded apps on ASUSTOR NAS are just the beginning. App Central has more than 200 various and rich applications, including business and office applications, website construction, personal blog construction, forums and digital learning, and even digital home entertainment and tool applications. App Central Everything you need in it. When personalizing your ASUSTOR NAS, you'll discover the endless possibilities brought by App Central.

Comprehensive security monitoring

The powerful ASUSTOR NAS allows homes or small and medium-sized businesses to provide optimal reliability when installing security systems. ASUSTOR NAS provides free 4 camera channel licenses, giving users with smaller needs the most value-for-money surveillance center. If users have multiple monitoring needs, they can expand to a maximum of 36 channels by purchasing additional camera channel licenses. Install Surveillance Center and the mobile app AiSecure, and use smart multi-streaming and real-time monitoring to protect the people and things you care about anytime, anywhere.


 road free 


 step start

  • Start the installation wizard
  • Automatically search for cameras
  • Add a new camera with one click
  • Set image format
  • Specify recording schedule
Can be expanded to


Mobile APP

ASUSTOR has carefully designed a variety of mobile device-specific Apps. Through ASUSTOR EZ Connect easy connection technology, you can log in to the NAS from your mobile device anytime, anywhere, obtain data, and share it freely. At the same time, it also provides password lock setting options to strictly control your privacy; you can also choose https encrypted connection, making every connection feel more secure.

Mobile APP

Peace of mind warranty service

ASUSTOR implements its original intention of sustainable high-quality service, provides a 3-year warranty for all series of products, and provides the most heart-warming after-sales service to all ASUSTOR fans.

Peace of mind warranty service

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