AOC 39.5" AGON AG405UXC 144Hz 3440x1440 IPS (21:9) Gaming Monitor

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AGON 39.5" WQHD Premium Gaming Monitor
AG405UXC is a 39.5-inch IPS LCD gaming monitor with WQHD 3440 x 1440 ultra-high-definition resolution, which can display clear and detailed picture quality and present every detail on the picture. Supports AMD FreeSync Premium, which can simultaneously maintain the update rate of the display and the synchronization of the computer processor to solve the problem of screen tearing. With 144Hz update rate and 1ms response time, your monitor can reach professional gaming level.
  • 21:9 UltraWide aspect ratio
  • 3440 × 1440 (WQHD) high resolution
  • IPS panel
  • 144Hz update frequency
  • 1ms extremely fast response time
  • FreeSync Premium Technology
  • UltraWide QHD High Definition
    WQHD (3440x1440) ultra-high resolution provides users with excellent image quality. Compared with the traditional 16:9 ratio, 21:9 has a wider panoramic image and can display multiple windows at the same time, creating an efficient use situation. The desktop is your professional workstation.
    21:9 theater level Zoom
    21:9 is the display ratio used by many movies today, so when watching a movie with a 21:9 wide monitor, there will be no upper and lower black bars, and it will be more immersive. For enterprise users, the wide ratio provides more work space, and users can freely apply it according to the usage situation.
    IPS wide viewing angle panel
    The viewing angle reaches 178°, allowing users to view a fresh, bright and complete picture at any angle, and at the same time show color consistency, presenting a lifelike and vivid picture with actual primary colors.
    Professional Gaming Specifications
    With a refresh rate of 144Hz, players can enjoy an ultra-smooth gaming experience through the professional gaming specifications of an e-sports monitor. There will be no screen blur due to insufficient refresh rate and response time, and every move on the screen will become clear. Incomparable, enjoy the ultra-smooth game screen.
    1ms extremely fast response time
    1ms ultra-fast response time, making every move on the screen extremely clear, and enjoy the ultra-smooth game screen.
    AMD FreeSync Premium Say goodbye to tearing Caton
    This technology takes gaming monitor performance to the next level! Through highly accurate brightness and wide color gamut detection, extraordinary HDR visual effects can be achieved, and the game experience will no longer be damaged by the problem of screen tearing, and immerse yourself in a smoother game screen, allowing players to always be one step ahead of the competition.
    DisplayHDR™ 400
    Complies with the VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) specification Display HDR 400 level, and the color and contrast displayed by HDR (High Dynamic Range) are closer to reality than those displayed by SDR (Standard Dynamic Range). The dark part of the screen is darker; the bright part is brighter, and the color gamut is wider and better, allowing players to enjoy the visual shock of every vivid picture in the game.
    Powerful USB Type-C™ Realize one-line series connection
    Instead of using a variety of wires in the traditional interface, resulting in a messy desktop, USB Type-C™ technology can transmit power, signals, and data to the display through a single wire, providing a fast, simple and convenient usage scenario.
    Support HDMI and DisplayPort multimedia input interface
    High-quality digital audio and video signals can be transmitted through HDMI, providing consumers with the most detailed multimedia image formats such as Blu-ray playback and game audio and video. DisplayPort supports higher-standard digital audio-visual signals and update frequency, providing higher-quality and stable audio-visual entertainment effects.

    Detailed specifications
    Product number AG405UXC
    International barcode (EAN code) 697 3985231 070
    panel size 39.5" (IPS)
    screen ratio 21:9
    pixel(mm) 0.26925 (H) × 0.26925 (V)
    Visible screen size (mm) 926.22 (H) × 387.72 (V)
    brightness 350 cd/m²
    Dynamic Contrast 1200 : 1 (Typical) 80 Million : 1 (DCR)
    Reaction time 1ms (MPRT) / 4ms (GtG)
    Viewing angle (horizontal / vertical) 178° (H) / 178° (V) (CR > 10)
    color gamut NTSC 102% (CIE1976) / sRGB 121% (CIE1931) / DCI-P3 93% (CIE1976)
    color accuracy Delta E < 2
    best resolution 3440 × 1440 @ 144Hz - DisplayPort1.4, USB-C 3440 × 1440 @ 100Hz - HDMI2.0
    display color number 16.7 Million
    signal input HDMI 2.0 × 2 / DisplayPort 1.4 × 1 USB-C (DP Alt, 90W) × 1
    HDCP version HDMI: 2.2 / DisplayPort: 2.2
    USB Hub USB 3.2 Gen1 × 4
    power supply 100-240V~3A, 50/60Hz
    power consumption 45W
    trumpet 5W × 2
    Audio input/output Earphone × 1
    wall hanging 100mm x 100mm
    Adjustable tripod Height: 150mm, Swivel: -30° ~ 30°, Tilt: -5° ~ 23°
    The product does not include base size (mm) 419.3 (H) × 944.1 (W) × 54.5 (D)
    Product including base size (mm) 477.7~627.7 (H) × 944.1 (W) × 312.4 (D)
    Packing size (mm) 552(H)×1133(W)×225(D)
    Product without base weight (kg) 9.53
    Product including base weight (kg) 11.88
    Packing weight(kg) 16.32
    color Black & Gray
    Safety certification CE/FCC

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