Seagate 18TB Exos X18 ST18000NM000J Enterprise 3.5" SATA 7200rpm 256MB Cache HDD

節省 $130.00

特價$2,460.00 原價$2,590.00


Main specifications

Product Information


Dimensions: Height x Width x Depth


Flexible expansion, high responsiveness, and excellent innovation.

Exos X18 supports data analytics capabilities and other denser architectures to optimize rack space.

Excellent reliability

With a 550TB/year workload rate and 2.5 million hours MTBF, this enterprise-class drive meets the most demanding storage requirements.

Customizable power options

Optimize usage and idle power consumption with PowerChoice™ and PowerBalance™, customizable to your needs.

Extraordinary performance

Advanced write caching combined with data transfer rates of up to 270MB/sec improves performance without compromising capacity.

Advanced data security technology

Seagate Secure™ provides AES-256 hardware encryption for password protection, creating a drive you can trust.

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