【Machenike電競產品 7月份精選優惠】Machenike G610 三模遊戲手制 ( Black 黑色)

節省 $50.00

特價HK$299.00 原價HK$349.00


Product Description

  • USB Type-C connection/Bluetooth connection/2.4GHz wireless
  • Equipped with Hall Magnetic Induction System
  • Kaihua micro-movement OEM, life span can reach 5 million times
  • Newly upgraded Shoulder Button (shoulder button)
  • Designed for FPS players
  • Universal for PC/Nintendo Switch/IOS/MAC/Andriod 

Product Specifications

  • G610 RGB three-mode game handmade
  • Black/Pink 2 cases to choose from
  • Dimensions: Approx. L153 X W105 X H62 mm
  •  Weight: about 230g

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