Kingston KSM48R40BD8KMM-32HMR 32GB DDR5 4800MT/s ECC Registered Memory DIMM RAM



Product Specifications
EAN/UPC Code 740617332292
Brand Kingston
Memory Capacity 32GB
Module Quantity 1 Module
Speed (Data Rate) 4800MT/s (PC5-38400)
Speed (Clock Rate) 2400Mhz
Module Type DIMM
Error Check ECC Registered
Chip Build  SK-Hynix
Model/Series/Type Server Premier
CAS Latency CL40
Form Factor DDR5
Rank 2R (Dual Rank)
Warranty Lifetime
Pins 288 Pin
Fixed BOM (Build Of Materials) SK-hynix
Operating Temperature 0°C to 85°C
DRAM Density 16Gbit
Memory Voltage 1.1v
Memory Depth 4G
DRAM Die  M Die
Product Condition New
Product Type/Family RAM
Packaging Type Retail
Chip Organization x8
Data Width X80

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