GIGABYTE 750W ULTRA DURABLE UD750GM PG5 ATX3.0 PCIE 5.0 80Plus Gold Full Modular Power Supply (GP-UD750GM PG5)

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特價$750.00 原價$799.00


feature of product

  • Super durable
    • The main capacitor uses high-quality Japanese capacitors
    • Enhanced cooling solutions
    • 12cm HYB smart fan
    • Multiple circuit protection design (OVP overvoltage/OPP overload/SCP short circuit/UVP undervoltage/OCP overcurrent/OTP overtemperature)
  • Native support for RTX 40 series and PCI-E 5.0 graphics cards
  • Support Intel ATX 3.0 standard
  • 80 PLUS Gold Certification
  • Fully modular outlet design
  • Small size design
  • 5 years warranty

Native support for RTX 40 and PCI-E 5.0 graphics cards

The Magic Eagle 750PG5 power supply integrates a 16-pin graphics card power supply connector and is attached with a high-quality native 16-pin cable, so it can provide a complete power supply for RTX 40 series and PCI-E 5.0 graphics cards. This 16Pin cable can provide up to 450W of power output.

Support Intel ATX 3.0 standard

The Magic Eagle 750PG5 power supply can withstand up to 2 times the total power excursion. It is fully compatible with the Intel PSDG (Power Supply Design Guide) ATX 3.0 standard, which supports up to 200% power excursion, achieves 70% low load efficiency, and complies with required power supply timing standards.

Total power offset

Super durable

Inheriting GIGABYTE's Ultra Durable product design philosophy, it introduces a variety of high-quality materials and designs. The ultra-durable design combines high-quality Japanese main capacitors, enhanced cooling solutions, 12cm HYB smart fans and six circuit protection designs. Provide users with high-quality and stable power to ensure long-term use.

High quality Japanese capacitors

The main capacitor is a trustworthy high-quality Japanese capacitor, which provides high-quality and stable power supply and can more effectively extend the service life of the product.

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Enhanced cooling solutions

Compared to standard cooling solutions, we have doubled the cooling module and optimized airflow. Effectively improve heat dissipation performance, thereby extending the service life of parts.

12cm HYB smart fan

The 12cm fan can reduce the noise to a minimum while maintaining better heat dissipation. The system will detect the current power usage and temperature, automatically adjust the fan speed, and maintain the stability of the power supply when the load is less than 20%. The cooling fan is turned off completely to operate with as little noise as possible. Hydraulic bearing (HYB) smart fans provide longer and more stable service life.

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