BE QUIET! LIGHT WINGS BL073 ARGB PWM high-speed 12cm Case Fan

節省 $29.00

特價$170.00 原價$199.00


LIGHT WINGS 120mm PWM high-speed

Impressive Lighting, Superior Cooling

Light Wings 120mm PWM high-speed offers impressive illumination for a vibrant unique look, strong performance and quiet operation with efficient cooling.

•    ARGB lighting on front and rear
•    Multiple colors and modes for an individual look thanks to 18 LEDs
•    9 silence-optimized fan blades for high pressure and low noise-generating turbulences
•    Remarkable performance-to-noise ratio with 31dB(A) at 2,500rpm
•    Long life rifle-bearing gives an operating lifetime of 60,000 hours
•    3-year manufacturer’s warranty

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