ASUS ExpertWiFi EBR63/APAC AX3000 Dual-Band WiFi 6 (802.11ax) All in One Access Point with Router (NE-AEBR63)

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ASUS ExpertWiFi EBR63

AX3000 Dual-Band WiFi 6 (802.11ax) All in One Access Point with Router, Switch and Security Gateway, supports up to 5 SSIDs, VLAN, SDN, customized guest portal, site-to-sit VPN, commercial-grade network security and easy management app
  • Secure and Segmented Networking – Easy business WiFi network settings via Self-Defined Networks, and enhanced business security with VLAN support, offering up to five SSIDs for device segregation and prioritization in diverse business scenarios.
  • Customizable Guest Portal – Guest portals can be tailored to meet your business needs, with custom portal types, branding and visual templates to fit particular business styles
  • Backup WAN for Stable Connectivity –The USB port can be used as a backup WAN by connecting it to a mobile phone with hotspot to maintain a reliable internet connection
  • Commercial-Grade Network Security and VPN – Safe Browsing, VPN features to connect easily and securely to public WiFi, and a free subscription to ASUS AiProtection Pro
  • Accommodate to Any Space – The EBR63 comes with a built-in bracket and wall mount hole that can be adjusted to fit into almost any location for space-saving and more flexibility

ASUS ExpertWiFi EBR63

ASUS ExpertWiFi EBR63
All in One Access Point with Router, Switch and Security Gateway

Your Business WiFi Expert Within Reach

The ASUS ExpertWiFi EBR63 is an all in one access point with router, switch and security gateway functionalities. It offers a fast, secure, and scalable network with rich features tailored for small-to-midsized businesses. Whether used independently or integrated with other ASUS ExpertWiFi solutions, the EBR63 can easily adapt to your business network needs.

ASUS ExpertWiFi EBR63 is suitable for small and midsize businesses like coffee shop
ASUS ExpertWiFi EBR63 is suitable for small and midsize businesses like coffee shop

For remote employees or those running small businesses, ExpertWiFi provides stable and reliable internet connections. And with comprehensive VPN protocols, users can access their networks with site-to-site VPNs for encrypted office or home network connections, easily and securely.

ASUS ExpertWiFi series product video with feature introductions

Speed up your business

A superfast all in one access point for stable downloading and smooth video calls.

Up to

160 MHz

ASUS ExpertWiFi EBR63

Connect your business to the max

4X greater network capacity with support for WiFi 6, which can lower latency when demand is high.

WiFi 6

All-in-one Access Point

Start your business network with one device

Setting up a commercial network typically requires a significant investment in a complicated set of networking products and management fees. However, the ExpertWiFi EBR63 can empower you to easily build a cost-effective commercial network, making it an ideal choice for small businesses on a limited budget. Essential networking features are combined into one device, and we offer comprehensive software features without any subscription fees, so your business can get an edge on the competition. And as your business grows, you can easily extend your network with other ASUS ExpertWiFi products.

ASUS ExpertWiFi EBR63 has complete networking features in one device.

Stable business operation

  • VLAN

  • Dual & backup WAN

ExpertWiFi supports virtual local area network (VLAN) management. VLAN management enables an easy, fast and flexible way to segment the network wired and wirelessly. You can dedicate an Ethernet port that provides additional security for your business.

Employees connecting to different VLANs in the officeDifferent devices connecting to LAN port on the EBR63

Easy settings for your business

  • Separate profiles and usage

    A Self-Defined Network (SDN) provides up to five SSIDs to separate and prioritize devices for various business usages and network alternatives. Network segments can be made for employees, guest portals, guest networks, scheduled networks, IoT networks and VPN networks.

  • Scenario explorer

  • Create your style

  • Manage all devices at once

User interface of Self-defined Network with multiple SSIDs on ASUS ExpertWiFi App

Extendable and scalable

ExpertWiFi networking products are prepared to scale to the customer’s needs, whether it’s a small business or a medium-sized office. With support for up to 12 node connections, companies can significantly expand their network size by adding more ExpertWiFi devices. Additionally, the EBR63 can support up to 100 active devices.

*The ASUS ExpertWiFi series is compatible with all ASUS AiMesh products, but supported features may vary based on model.

Employees discussing about floor plans in the office

Control your business network all in one app

With the ASUS ExpertWiFi app, you can set up and manage your business network easily and conveniently.

ASUS ExpertWiFi App user interface – login page
ASUS ExpertWiFi App user interface – Router setup
ASUS ExpertWiFi App user interface – Create your WiFi password
ASUS ExpertWiFi App user interface – Self-define network
ASUS ExpertWiFi App user interface – Complete setup
ASUS ExpertWiFi App user interface – Home page

Download the
ASUS ExpertWiFi App

ASUS ExpertWiFi App icon

Commercial-grade network security

  • Site-to-site VPN

  • Protect your businesses

  • One-tap security scan

Site-to-site VPNs are useful for companies that prioritize private, protected traffic. They are particularly helpful for organizations that have multiple locations spread out over great distances, such as chain stores and overseas branch offices. Using a site-to-site VPN can quickly help you build up your private network to connect all these places and to share information or resources between intranets from different locations.

How to set up site to site VPN >
Illustration of site to site VPN

Multi-functional hardware

  • Adaptable to any space

  • Versatile connectivity

The ExpertWiFi EBR63 comes with a built-in bracket and wall mount holes that can be adjusted to fit into almost any location for space-saving and more flexibility. The bracket also doubles as a cable organizer, making it easy to keep your workspace clean and organized.

Different placement scenario demonstration of the EBR63 – wall mount scenario in a café.Different placement scenario demonstration of the EBR63 – cable organization functionality.Different placement scenario demonstration of the EBR63 – stand-up mode.Different placement scenario demonstration of the EBR63 – desktop placement.

Environmental Certification

ASUS ExpertWiFi is stringently tested to meet the requirements of world-leading sustainability certifications. These tests include a comprehensive database of up-to date criteria, independent verification and a structured system for continuous improvement.

FSC certified logo for sustainable
  • Eco-friendly packaging icon

    Eco-friendly Packaging

    All ExpertWiFi products come with environmentally friendly packaging sourced from FSC-certified responsible forestry, and they benefit from more active management of the use of chemicals in the production process, to improve the recycling of packaging and substances, and to reduce environmental impact.

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