ASUS EVA-02 Edition ROG Keycap Set For RX Switches



ROG Keycap Set For RX Switches EVA-02 Edition

The ROG Keycap Set for ROG RX Switches EVA-02 Edition offers EVA-inspired keycaps for ROG RX optical mechanical Switches

  • EVA-inspired design: Inspired by Evangelion Unit-02, the color scheme utilizes red and orange colors with design elements from Evangelion Unit-02, Asuka Langley Sohryu, CHANCE! and A.T. Field
  • ROG RX optical mechanical switches: ROG RX optical switches feature central lighting, wobble-free consistent keystrokes and near-zero debounce delay
  • Easy to install: ROG Keycap Puller included, simplifying removal of existing keycaps.

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